Broken Coast Raids Week 8

Week 8 of 8 of the league has arrived! Visit the dispatch to view the match-ups.

Kaya the Moonhunter

Once Kaya relied solely on her instincts. Now she has been initiated into ancient rites that reveal the power the moon exert on the blood of all predators. Her command of these mysteries has brought her a new companion in the form of a ghostly white wolf. This inseparable pair stalks the battlefields of Immoren with spell, spear, and fang to bring low the foes of the Circle Orboros.

Epic Warlock Kaya the Moonhunter & Laris come in a blister (PIP 72032). A player may field one Epic Kaya & Laris in his Circle Orboros horde.

See her in action in a battle report in the next issue of No Quarter releasing July 2nd!

Also new to the galleries this week: Stannis Brocker and Anastasia di Bray

Posted: June 02 2008

Privateer Press Announces Price Increase

Consumers of metal miniatures have noticed that the price of non-ferrous metals has experienced a sharp upward trend over the last few years. At Privateer Press, we diligently monitor the cost of the metal and price our new products appropriately based on current rates.  Unfortunately, the cost of metal has skyrocketed over the past couple years. As well, rising gas prices have dramatically increased shipping costs, the repercussions of which can be seen everywhere with the general inflation that affects all of us.  As a result, we are in a position where we must increase the prices of older models in order to keep them profitable. We continue to do everything we can to combat raising prices, from purchasing more efficient equipment, buying metal in bulk, and training our staff in an effort to create a more efficient production process. You’ll be seeing some amazing and innovative ways that we’re engineering the models in the future to decrease metal usage. While these measures have mitigated the increased price of metal and have allowed us to stave off adjusting prices for a while, these efforts are unable to completely neutralize rising costs. In order to continue the production of certain items, we must adjust their MSRP to reflect the material’s current price, which constitutes the largest portion of their manufacturing cost. The graph below comes from the London Metal Exchange, displaying the rise in tin prices since January of 2003 when we first started manufacturing. ( At the time of our last price adjustment on January 1, 2007, the price of tin was about  $7.00 per pound. The current cost is approximately $11.00 per pound, an almost 50% increase in under 18 months.


We are as loathe to adjusting these prices just as you, the consumer, are to see it happen. We are currently exploring a variety of other manufacturing methods that we hope will lead towards a savings on the cost of manufacturing and the ability to stabilize prices. This includes alternative metals as well as plastic components for the model kits. In any event, commitment to quality remains our primary consideration so that no matter what material we use to manufacture, Privateer Press will continue to deliver the highest quality miniatures to you.

Effective July 1st, a significant number of the models found in the WARMACHINE and HORDES product ranges will receive an increase to their MSRP. The complete list, along with their new prices, is available here.

Privateer Press looks forward to a strong and exciting future for our hobby, and to the continued support of the many players, retailers, and distributors who have helped WARMACHINE and HORDES grow over the past five years. Thank you for your continued support. Please direct questions

Posted: June 20 2008
Origins Awards Finalist

We are very happy to report that four Privateer Press products are finalists in the 34th Annual Origins Awards!

Our nominated products (and their category) are:

  • Bronzeback Titan, HORDES: Evolution Miniatures Line
    for miniature line
  • Forces of WARMACHINE: Pirates of the Broken Coast
    for Miniatures Rules
  • No Quarter Magazine
    for Non-fiction Publication
  • Infernal Contraption
    for Traditional Card Game

Our thanks go out to the retailers at GAMA who selected our products as finalists. We are honored by their inclusion in this year's awards ceremony.

Attendees can vote at the Origins Game Fair, June 25-29.

Posted: June 19 2008
Professor Pendrake model

Professor Pendrake

The Professor Viktor Pendrake model (PIP 75014) due in stores this September will be a reissue of the model previously available for the Iron Kingdoms Role Playing Game. This blister pack will include Pendrake's all new stat card.

Players who have already purchased the Iron Kingdoms model will be able to receive a complimentary copy of the HORDES stat card by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Privateer Press
Attn: Pendrake
13434 NE 16th St.
Suite #120
Bellevue, WA 98005

Please note: We will begin accepting envelopes September 1st, 2008. The new stat cards will be sent out starting September 10th.

Requests that do not include the self-addressed stamped envelope will be discarded and no card will be returned to the sender.

Professor Viktor Pendrake is featured in HORDES: Metamorphosis, the next expansion to HORDES.

Posted: June 16 2008

Job Opening:

Web site admin and designer

We are looking for a driven full-time employee with an outstanding skill set and a balance of strong Web admin and design skills. If you are equally comfortable working in photoshop and on the command line, working magic with CSS and coding javascript, animating with Flash and developing in PHP, then this job might be for you.

Visit our jobs page for details on Web site admin and designer position.

Posted: May 23 2008

All Berserkers have the roughened look of decades of service, but Drago stands out even among such company. While it has a cortex as old and unstable as any Berserker's, the passing of long years has removed many of the limited restraints that once held the machine back in battle. Mechaniks keep it chained up like a wild beast when not fighting, for Drago unleashes unmitigated violence at the slightest provocation.

Drago comes in a box (PIP 33056). A player may field one Drago in his Khador army.

Drago is featured in WARMACHINE: Legends, the next expansion to WARMACHINE, which releases this summer. Drago arrives this September.

Posted: June 02 2008

Cankerworm attacks with a breed of cunning and sense of self-preservation that makes mockery of life. The 'jack's unprecedented ability to manipulate even the most sophisticated and complex mechanikal devices makes Cankerworm a versatile and vicious tool. It waits for the mightiest of warjacks to suffer crippling damage and springs to attack the vulnerable machine. After the final strike, Cankerworm harvests weapons and other useful machinery from the fallen construct and turns them against their former masters.

Cankerworm comes in a blister (PIP 34057). A player may field one Cankerworm in his Cryx army.

Cankerworm is featured in WARMACHINE: Legends, the next expansion to WARMACHINE, which releases this summer. Cankerworm arrives this September.

Posted: June 02 2008
Professor Viktor Pendrake

Professor Viktor Pendrake has become a legend in his own time. He has passed down the wisdom of years in the wild by heading up the Department of Extraordinary Zoology in Corvis but recent events have pulled him from the halls of academia. After surviving enslavement by the Skorne he returned to the west to rejoin old friends and aid his allies in their struggles for survival.

Professor Viktor Pendrake comes in a blister (PIP 75014). A player may field one Professor Viktor Pendrake in his army or horde. Professor Viktor Pendrake is a Cygnar model that may be included in mercenary contracts that include mercenaries that will work for Cygnar. Professor Viktor Pendrake will work for Circle Orboros and Trollbloods.

Professor Viktor Pendrake is featured in HORDES: Metamorphosis, the next expansion to HORDES. Professor Viktor Pendrake arrives this September.

Posted: May 29 2008
Ol' Rowdy

Ol' Rowdy has five decades of service under its chassis. It hails from the first generation of Ironclads hammered together at the Cygnaran Armory from parts manufactured at Engines East. Not until after several years fighting with distinction during the Scharde Invasions did the ornery temper that would characterize Ol' Rowdy actually come to the fore.

Ol' Rowdy comes in a box (PIP 31053). A player may field one Ol' Rowdy in his Cygnar army.

Ol' Rowdy is featured in WARMACHINE: Legends, the next expansion to WARMACHINE, which releases this summer. Ol' Rowdy arrives this September.

Posted: May 29 2008

Privateer Press, Inc. announces new gaming tokens for WARMACHINE and HORDES

Seattle, WA. May 23, 2022 – Privateer Press, Inc. has announced that, as part of the current expansion to its hobby range, it will produce new gaming tokens, dice, and templates for its WARMACHINE and HORDES tabletop games.

"The idea behind the new tokens is to make tracking focus and fury, as well as upkeep spells, a much easier task. We're looking to enrich the overall game experience for all WARMACHINE and HORDES players," stated Rob Hawkins, Privateer Press Hobby Manager.

More information regarding pricing and release dates, as well as news regarding the entire P3 Hobby Range, will be announced as it becomes available. This and other news items can be found at

WARMACHINE is the critically acclaimed tabletop game of Steam-Powered Miniatures Combat designed by game industry veteran Matt Wilson. First released in 2003, WARMACHINE has won several awards including Gamers' Choice Best Miniatures of the Year and Game of the Year at the 2006 Origins Awards.

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To learn more about Privateer Press, visit or contact the president of Privateer Press, Sherry Yeary, at (425) 643-5900 or

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Posted: May 23 2008
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