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Privateer Press is excited to introduce an original fantasy game setting - the Iron Kingdoms. Created by industry veterans Brian Snoddy and Matt Staroscik, the Iron Kingdoms are a realm like no other, a place where adventurers will encounter steam power and gunpowder almost as often as swords and sorcery. They are lands with a rich history and a dark future, full of unique monsters, deities, heroes and villains. Each Iron Kingdoms product is a piece of a grand story, and everything is brought to life with amazing artwork from fan favorites Brian Snoddy and Matt Wilson.

The first products set in the Iron Kingdoms are the Witchfire Trilogy adventures for the D20 system. All three parts are available now... Parts 1 and 2 are 64 pages at $9.95, and part 3 is 96 pages at $12.95.

The Iron Kingdoms won the 2001 ENnie Award for "Best Setting," and Privateer Press also picked up awards for Best Publisher, Best Cover Art and Best Interior art.

Future IK products from Privateer Press will include The Monsternomicon Vol. I and the Guide to the Iron Kingdoms, the campaign reference everyone is already clamoring for. All Privateer Press D20 system products require the use of the Dungeons & Dragons® 3rd Edition Player's Handbook, published by Wizards of the Coast®.

To learn more about these exciting products, or to find a retailer, visit Privateer Press. To learn more about the Iron Kingdoms, explore this site or pick up the Witchfire Trilogy.


As you can see, now shares the architecture of the Privateer Press site. We did this so that we could update the content here more frequently -- we outgrew the old IK site very quickly. Many pages here have been updated, especially the Introduction, Deities,Nations and Races pages. We have also posted the Rifleman prestige class. We also have two new short stories on deck, so we'll keep new content coming!

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