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Announcing the Iron Kingdom RPG Miniatures line!

We are excited to announce a new line of miniatures based upon the creatures, characters and adventurers of the Iron Kingdoms.

This new line, in its own Iron Kingdoms RPG Miniatures packaging, features models of characters from the Witchfire Trilogy such as Alexia, Father Pandor Dumas, and Commander Helstrom, as well as other personalities that can be used as player characters in your campaign. What's more, many beasts from Privateer’s acclaimed Monsternomicon™ are also scheduled for release.

The Iron Kingdoms RPG miniature line will launch in August with a selection of blisters containing player-character models and creatures from the Monsternomicon. Monthly releases of 6-10 models per month will follow, and the line will eventually incorporate box sets featuring the popular characters from the Iron Kingdoms RPG setting.

Iron Kingdom RPG Miniatures samples


Hugo Lobanov, Khadoran Arcane Mechanik

Arcane mechaniks are highly valued and afforded much respect as the creators of mechanika.

Arcane Mechanics build bridges between the worlds of machine and magic. With the mechanical skills to build any contraption imaginable, they use their inborn arcane power to give those creations life and unimaginable abilities in a synthesis of what is commonly known as mechanika.


Master Tunnard Gildon, Cygnaran Wizard

Wizards are uncommon and often as feared as sorcerers by many folk in the kingdoms. Although magic is becoming more widely accepted, many wizards join guilds to gain a more respectable standing in society while researching the arcane.


Daniera Madise, Cleric of Morrow

Of mixed birth, Lady Madise’s Ryn blood has endowed her with a fair face, and her Umbrean heritage has imparted her with enduring mettle. The priestess proudly displays the Sunburst of Morrow upon her chest, for she is his devoted servant. She knows that only through the Path of Light can the soul transcend its earthly bonds and find grace in his presence. She is a missionary of the Divinist faith, and has made it her life’s work to share the good news of ascendancy to all who will listen, and her arms and armor are only intended against those who would seek to end her mission too soon.


Magus Damien Sperling, Cygnaran Warcaster

Never drawn to the strict military tradition, Magus Damien Sperling developed his martial and arcane prowess outside an environment of formal instruction. For nearly two decades, Sperling studied the arts of wizardry and waracasting wherever such lessons could be bought, all the while financing his education as a hired sword for a dozen different mercenary companies. Today, the accomplished warrior-mage has chosen a life of adventure, forgoing the political battlefields of the Iron Kingdoms in favor of testing his mettle against those more formidable opponents who lurk in the dark corners of Immoren.

Gulgrenvogulugken "Gul", Gobber Rogue

Most of the denizens of Five Fingers’ Emerald District know the name Gul, although few have actually seen this most elusive of gobbers. When he chooses to be seen, wary folk quickly take note of his unique weapons: twin latch-blade daggers, which he wields with surgical precision. He is also known to have a surprisingly analytical mind and an unnerving ability to suddenly disappear. Let those who say their safeguards are impregnable beware, for wind of such talk is almost certain to pique this gobber rogue’s interest.

Lazar Grigsov , Khadoran Rifleman

Lazar Grigsov offers his services as a rifleman throughout the north of Khador, escorting land caravans from Skrovenberg to Uldenfrost and back. It is said that Grigsov is a local expert on the Scarsfell Forests and has led a few expeditions into the deeps of the Blackroots to stake out ruins, old burial grounds, and other curiosities.

Hemrick Groot, Rhulic Second-story Man

Hemrick Groot loves treasure, especially that which belongs to others. Based in Fharin, Groot’s reputation is of a burglar par excellence, and he is a high-ranking member within one of the city’s many gangs. Recently, the estate trove of the city alderman has been pilfered of some of its arcana, and it is widely believed that Groot is the culprit, for none other in the city could accomplish the task of breaching the estate's impregnable security.


Valeria Alvaro, Ordic Pistoleer

Valeria Alvaro, the eldest daughter of a Tordoran castellan, broke tradition by abandoning an arranged marriage to a nobleman of an esteemed house for love of another. Slighted, the nobleman, an accomplished pistoleer, killed Valeria's paramour before her eyes. In order to avenge her fallen love, the young Lady Alvaro has single-mindedly taken to the pistol in order to bring her rival low. Her reputation is such that she has earned the nickname 'Lady of the Irons.'

Narn, Elven Mage Hunter

Extremely dangerous and secretive, the Iosan mage hunter known simply as Narn strikes fear in many a spellcaster, for his death toll —and those numbered upon it— is daunting indeed. Neither Fraternal brother nor Greylord are spared from Narn’s justice and, according to the elf, he is "merely getting started.”

Rutger Shaw, Cygnaran Adventurer

Rutger’s take-no-muck attitude tends to get him in hairy situations. Lucky for him, he has a mechanikally modified Caspian battleblade and a will to use it. Along with his companion, Taryn di la Rovissi, this Cygnaran roves the southlands in search of high adventure, and is always spoiling for a good fight.

Taryn di la Rovissi, Llaelese Gun Mage

A former study with the Order of the Golden Crucible, Taryn realized early on that her talents could be put to better use with a brace of magelock pistols in her hands rather than toiling over flasks of alchemical brews. Full of bravado, this lass with an insatiable lust for adventure was last seen clearing out a seaside tavern, along with her adventuring companion Rutger Shaw, of some odd dozen pirate scoundrels.

Jhureen Hecatha, Satyxis Raider

Her very name invokes terror throughout the mainland. Jhureen Hecatha of Satyx. This dreaded warrior woman is, at once, both beautiful and terrible to behold. With blades, pistols, and cannon shot, this horned she-devil from the blighted isle raids the coastlands in search of slaves and plunder. Her ship flies the banner of Toruk the Dragonfather and, if you are not among her crew, you are her prey.

Maulgrun Boldridge, Rhulic Pistoleer

The Boldridges of southern Rhul are a well known and respected clan, but among them is one pistol-packing dwarf with an undeniable wanderlust. Maulgrun Boldridge rarely takes his seat among the clan leaders for long, often traveling the length and breadth of the Black River and the Dragons’ Tongue searching for ways to put his custom pistol and mechanikal blade to good use (and profit, of course).

Hyls Lyoros, Iosan Fighter

Rarely does one come grimmer than the harsh-faced elf called Hyls. This merciless weaponsmaster has been spotted various times just outside of Ios. He is unmistakable, with his shorn locks, two swords hanging at his hip, and a massive polearm always near at hand. They say he is an outcast, but for what reason no one knows. When the grim elf shows up in human settlements in the plains of Llael or the ragged wastes of the Marches, very few speak to him, for doing so is to risk one’s very life.

Lanyssa Ryssyll, Nyss Sorceress

Having long ago abandoned her people in the north, the sorceress Ryssyll makes her home within the snowy reaches of the Malgur Forest. There she practices her dark art and controls even darker minions, sending them abroad to abduct hapless victims and bring them back to her lair for slavery or, worse, to become the subjects of her arcane experiments.

Grindak Bloodbreath, Trollkin Adventurer

Grindak is a figure of local renown in the highlands of Ord where he roves the moors from North Berck to the Olgunholt in search of his lady love. She was taken hostage by a band of raiders, and Grindak has vowed never to rest until they meet their ends upon the wicked edge of his iron axe.

Bridge Troll

The carnivorous bridge troll has varied eating habits, and when it tires of its normal diet of frogs and fish, it goes seeking “land meat.” Lurking in wait beneath piers or bridges, just below the water’s surface, the large beast leaps toward its unwary target. It comes, massive jaw distended like a shark’s maw, and vicious claws extended from the ends of its webbed fingers and toes, always primed and ready to rend the meat from the bones of its unlucky victims.