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We have posted a new story by our Senior Writer, Douglas Seacat. Pieces on a Map takes you inside the Kingdom of Cygnar's war room—see what's troubling King Leto in this fascinating tale. We even have some NPCs from the story for you, too. Oh, we should also tell you that the Monsternomicon is at the printer, if you didn't read about it over at Privateer Press earlier. The wait is almost over!

Whoops! The Rifleman prestige class posted the other day was an old version. That's what I get for doing webdev without a sufficient caffeine supply! I have put up the current (and much improved) file, which includes a nice fiction introduction by Jon Thompson.

As you can see, now shares the architecture of the Privateer Press site. We did this so that we could update the content here more frequently -- we outgrew the old IK site very quickly. Many pages here have been updated, especially the Introduction, Deities, Nations and Races pages. We have also posted the Rifleman prestige class. We also have two new short stories on deck, so we'll keep new content coming!

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